Dear Gerber,

I know you have competition from Beech Nut and other brands and like to take up as much room on the supermarket shelves as possible, but, as a concerned customer, I have to write to you about a clear error in judgment on your part.

This is me, Max Fan. I am sitting in my chair ready to eat. At this point I think I'm going to have something yummy like Beef and Carrots.

Here I am finding out that I'm not going to have Beef and Carrots, but Chicken and Pears. That's right, Chicken and Pears, all blended up and mixed together. Does it sound appetizing to you? It didn't to me.

But like a real trooper, I tried it. And yes, I was right. It was vile. (I'm not even 9 months old. Even so, apparently I have better instincts than your marketing people).

Here I am pleading for the madness to end.

Luckily I was able to keep most of it on the outside.

I hope this was informative. Just because you make a "Pears" and a "Chicken" doesn't mean that you need to combine the two together. Please ask yourself if the combination is something that you would want in your mouth together.

Yours truly,
Max Fan

P.S. You don't make a Beef and Peas. What's up with that?