Max the Explorer: Chapter 4
Return to The Old Ruins
It took a full day to gather up the sherpa who had superstitiously fled the ruins.

Then a little more time while I acclimated myself to the surroundings again. Curse those sherpa. Always fearing the unknown.

Finally I was able to explore again. I returned to the ruins and retraced my steps across the patterned ground and the heiroglyphics.

And across a barren stretch of white ground, I found a towering bridge.

Trying to find a way to cross over the bridge, I retraced my steps, only to find...

...a shiny yellow disk embedded in the ground. I think it was pure gold. The natives had built a towering red wall to protect the disk and surrounded it with heiroglyphics.

Although I realized the value of such an object in terms of dollars and cents, I also realized its significance to the natives and therefore left undisturbed.

I was rewarded for my sensitivity to the local culture. The sherpa guided me toward a silver ramp, slick and steep. I tested it out then climbed up. What did I find? Glorious wonders, but that is a story for another time.