Max the Explorer: Chapter 1
Walking Outside!!!


This is me, Max the Explorer. Right now I think I'm just going for a regular walk. See how I look real cheerful, though? Don't want to disappoint my public.

Sometimes, though, I wish the elevator ride was faster. Luckily, the door opened before I ran out of poses.

After a walk we got to a playground. Not my usual one, but it had swings. I took full advantage of them.

Then something crazy happened. I was just watching bubbles being blown and then all of a sudden I realized I was on the ground. The GROUND!!!!

It was kinda tricky at first, but....

I'm a superstar and besides, there were bubbles to chase.

Then I found some stairs. I just had to find out what was on top of them.

But then I got distracted because it was so fun to jump from the first step.

A lot of fun.