Max the Explorer: Chapter 2
Land of Snow and Puddles


Let's face it. After you've walked on the ground, being in a stroller is pretty boring. I think you all know what I mean. Even swinging is less fun.

Luckily, I was able to squirm free. I grabbed my sippy cup (can't take a walk without your sippy cup, you may get dehydrated).

I tried out the stairs again...

and I studied the native fauna.

Every explorer needs his provisions. Luckily, I had instructed my sherpa to bring cheerios for me. I was almost done eating when out of the corner of my eye....

I spotted a huge puddle that needed to be stomped on. Why? Because it was there. If you don't understand, you just don't have the explorer mentality.

The puddle led me to a huge mound of treacherous ice.

That I readily conquered (half dragging my sherpa along)

An icy river was on the other side.

But that too was just a minor inconvenience for me to cross.

At that point, my sherpa was exhausted, so we made camp. Mental note, get the sherpas into better shape so they can keep up with me.